A port of Disco Elysium for Nintendo Game Boy. Well, the first part of it at least.

Disco Elysium created by Studio ZA/UM.
Developed with GB Studio.
Follow me and send feedback to @BloodyStapler.

Content Warning: substance abuse, descriptions of gore, lynching.

Arrow Keys
(A) — Z
(B) — X
(START) — Return/Enter
(SELECT) — Shift

Skills have been collected into their 4 categories. Attempt skill checks to advance that skill. Failed rolls give +1 Skill cap, successes +1 skill point if you aren’t at the cap.

Updated 1 day ago
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withGB Studio
TagsDemake, Game Boy, gb-studio


Disco_Elysium-GBEdition.gb 1 MB


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I love it so far, but can you add more sound effects in a patch? It feels odd not hearing text sounds and the like.

very disco baby


this is so good,i really like it

These is amazing!!

how can u play it in mobile??

With gbc emulator.

episodic releases would be great

Yo, great stuff getting featured on IGN! Damn neat to see a GBStudio project pop up haha


This is one of the most amazing projects i've ever seen!!

That is amazing, a real piece of art. The feel was just right, and the pixel art on point. Writing adapted and summarised also perfectly. Well done!

This is fantastic! I love it so much!!!!

That was great, especially loved how the roll mechanic worked. Nicely done.