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very cool work !

Excellent work. I would just like to be able to translate the game (into Spanish). If you could (once the game is completely finished) share the project I could translate it (ideally you could share the project with me, as it would be more difficult if I had to translate it as original game roms are usually translated). Regardless of your answer, thank you very much for this great port.

Hey! That would be incredible. Send me a DM on twitter or email me

I haven't played original Disco Elysium, but I totally love this one. It would be great to see more content for it

is it possible to play it on the 3ds somehow?

because its not an official gb game.

There's no easy way to do it unfortunately.

Dont listen to the guy, there is super easy way to do it. 

The only problem is that your 3ds must have custom firmware. To do it go

Now about rom. You need to download a program. Go here

You're welcome.

I love it so far, but can you add more sound effects in a patch? It feels odd not hearing text sounds and the like.

Yeah, I agree. Unfortunately GB Studio doesn't support sound on text at the moment, but it may in the future. However I've just added a soundtrack, which should make things more lively!

very disco baby


this is so good,i really like it

These is amazing!!

how can u play it in mobile??

With gbc emulator.

It should be playable on your phone's browser, or download the ROM and run it in an emulator.


episodic releases would be great

I thought about it, but it's would be a real slog implementing more content than the tools can handle. 

Yo, great stuff getting featured on IGN! Damn neat to see a GBStudio project pop up haha


This is one of the most amazing projects i've ever seen!!

That is amazing, a real piece of art. The feel was just right, and the pixel art on point. Writing adapted and summarised also perfectly. Well done!

This is fantastic! I love it so much!!!!

That was great, especially loved how the roll mechanic worked. Nicely done.